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My name’s Aleksandra Jaszkiewicz and I’m a certified animal physiotherapist. I first got in touch with equine physiotherapy and rehabilitation in their early days. At that time if horses were massaged at all, only traditional techniques were used – along muscle fibres. It was then when I first came across a Swedish medical massage, known as a deep massage, performed against any rules of a traditional massage, directly on a muscle, across muscle fibres. It’s a massage of huge possibilities, which was invented in the homeland of equine massage – Sweden as a reply to all imperfections of other techniques. This is the only technique which is capable of removing muscle related lameness. At the same time it is the most demanding technique as you need to know equine anatomy and physiology at the veterinary level, therefore only a few people are qualified to perform this. The effects of the Swedish massage are so spectacular because the impact is imposed on the whole muscle down to the bone due to working across fibres. Unlike in other techniques in which only the external part is affected. Such a course of action leads not only to the removal of pain sources or recoverability but also oxygenates, toughens, stretches and relieves muscle tension so that they could improve their effectiveness. Regularly deeply massaged horses achieve much more in sport, they are light and flexible. It became obvious to me that it is not a coincidence that the best horses in the world of top sport are deep massaged regularly. Every treatment is always tailored to the patient and composed of the most effective techniques. In order to broaden my knowledge of various massage techniques, physio- and physical therapy I started studying animal physiotherapy – majoring first in equine and then in physiotherapy of small animals. I am constantly learning, participating in seminars concerning not only equine and human physiotherapy or that of small animals but also other interesting topics in the field of veterinary medicine, nutrition, biomechanics or behaviorism. Currently I have been cooperating with sports and recreational stables, coaches and instructors riding according to biomechanics and numerous horse owners in Great Britain, Norway and Poland as well as with veterinary physicians specialising in horse treatment and small animals. I spend a lot of time in Manchester where I run my business. I cooperate with the Polish Database of Riding Results, the best saddle fitters in the country and blacksmiths. I publish articles and comments in national magazines on horse riding such as Gallop or Horse’s Planet. The articles and posts which I publish on my fanpage are forwarded by outstanding sports and breeding stables and by the legends of horse riding. I am honoured to have in the group of my readers recognised specialists. Personally, I practice horse riding and sports shooting. I love Fresian horses, horseback walks by the sea and in the forest. I also train dressage according to biomechanics, obviously;)

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